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OSCP Journey – Fail Again Fail better

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Hello Security Guys .

first off , before reading my review or journey please you have to visit offensive-security website to get more information about what’s oscp and oscp guide to get closer look into what i am going to explain .

OSCP is considered as the best security certification for the ones who would like to be , since it requires only practical study to pass . no mercy in point believe me .

the journey started after i had practiced alot on hackthebox , vulnhub , so i have decided to start this experience which is so good to enhance yours skills alot and for sure your resume .

after i have purchased , i have waited about 15 days then Lab is open for me , to be fair i didn’t do all the lab , i have done only some of these boxes ,because i was stuck in time & other tasks .

after 1 month i decided to schedule the exam , my first attempt was on 4 PM it was on Saturday with a very hot weather . my first shot was on debugging machine . actually i was not focused alot due to hot weather so it takes some hours with no result , after about 3 – 4 hours i have solved this one , then started with another box which was about 25 points also , and done in about 2 hours .. the shocking point was that the simple box which worth 10 points takes a lot of time it was tricky one so unit now i have earned about 60 points , no worries there is some time to test the other box so i got a limited shell access in one of them captured the flag , submitted it  and here we go it is 70 points , i think it is passed , got a long sleep then start writing my report actually i was shocked that i have forgot to take screen shot of one of these boxes , that’s put a depression on my state  . any was i didn’t know that oscp are so strict on these rules  .

so after waiting about 2 days , i have received my first fail grade . 🙁

i was shocked , and some how confused , so it is okay, i can make it on second attempt . so i scheduled another attempt on the next days since i was lucky on finding a good suitable one .

the exam started also at 4 : PM , the first box now takes only 40 min to solve , the 10 point box solved in less than 30 min but !!!! i have faced a tricky box which takes about 4 hours . for long one , any way i got 20 point on this one ! at i was the end since i didn’t resolve the others , they were different from my study actually , with hard level ones ,

so the second attempt ended with fail grade 🙁

at this time , i have raised again with full power , started to practice on Vulnhub news machines , watched alot of CTF RSS feed and of course my project secploit helped me alot about getting CTF news , tricks . anyway

my third attempt started on 12 :00 AM , wow avery good time for real hackers . started with debugging machine solved in 35 min only 🙂 then started with the second one it takes about 1 hour , so i decided to take a nap , so i dreamed with good sleep , at 10:00 AM started to solve the third box and of course did it

now i have earned about 65 points , the simplest box which was 10 points only takes as expected 3 hours , hh weird ha ,

since i earned 75 points , then it is clear that i have passed the exam , i tried to solve the last box but actually didn’t get any hint about it , so exam ended with good report sent + proofs


and so i am now an OSCP , what a great journey ,!!!

Now lets talk about hints to pass oscp

  1. Practice alot on hacthebox and vulnhub
  2. was good one for me
  3. privilege escalation notes
  4. no other  resources , just practice on CTF and you will pass



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